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Friday 25 May 2012

Greenhouse patrol

If you can't find the little bugger who did this...

I had two of these pepper plants. See that empty pot...?

...keep searching...

As someone said on another blog,
You can't run, but you can hide.

... and poke him until he comes out into the open.

There is no escape here.

Then you've got him!


  1. But what is your favoured method of dispatch?? Not had much of a run in with the old slugs yet but think I will probably collect them and chuck them to the ducks, who will thank me with dirty looks, if they haven't already ran away.

    1. I'm too squeamish to dispatch them as such, I just relocate them...

      Be careful about feeding them to ducks. I don't really know anything about this, but someone told me he once fed a slug to a duck that killed it. Slugs make themselves into hard balls as a defense mechanism, and this one did so halfway down the duck's throat. If your ducks give you dirty looks, it may be because they know more about slugs than you do!


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