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Friday, 18 May 2012

Tiny baby plants

I've been checking the asparagus beds daily for signs of life, for about the last three weeks. I keep telling myself that mid May is when I'd expect to see asparagus, and that last year we had a very warm April whereas this year it's been very cold, but still, the fact that they came up on 26th April last year (I know! I blogged about it!) and no sign of them yet, had me increasingly convinced they'd all died. But no!

Asparagus spear on a one year-old plant

I had to put my fingers behind the spear to photograph it, otherwise it was too small for my camera to focus on. I'm a bit disappointed that they seem to be no bigger this year than last year, but at least they're alive.

At the same time, the carrots are just starting to show.

Carrot seedlings

Things are coming along nicely.

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