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Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn colours and crazy weather

We had cold weather very late this spring, which caught a lot of gardeners out, then a cool, damp summer, which led some gardeners to give up altogether (ahem). After all that, we've been compensated with the most glorious autumn. We've had a lot of sunshine in September and October, and yesterday the highest November temperature since records began was recorded at our nearest weather station. That's not just the highest temperature here, but the highest for the whole of the UK, at 22°C (72°F). We had another fine, sunny day here today, while much of England was buried under a blanket of thick fog. It's more like summer now than it was in July.

The autumn colours have been wonderful this year, so I went out and attempted to capture them this afternoon.


  1. Beautiful photos! I especially like the last one.

    We're having similarly warm weather here in Denver (74F today), but I fear it's about to come to an abrupt end as they're predicting snow later this week. I guess I'm gonna have to cave in and harvest the eggplant because I don't think even in the greenhouse it can survive the cold that's coming. Sigh.

  2. I love autumn! The last picture is particularly lovely.

    We've been under the fog blanket, but the sunlight shining through the fog and the trees has been beautiful.

  3. I love those pictures, especially the last one is so beautiful! Enjoy the weather while it lasts!


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