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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The biggest and smallest knooking hooks

Thinking that socks should be as finely knit as possible, in preparation for making socks I first made myself the smallest knooking hook that I could. I used oak, reasoning that stronger wood would be suitable for something so thin.

That was a few weeks ago. More recently, I had an idea for a project that needs a very thick hook (of which more in due course), so made myself another knooking hook. Again I used oak, this time because I didn't fancy burrowing into a holly bush far enough to find a thick twig.

A thick piece of oak has quite a lot of thinner pieces attached to it, as well as lots of leaves. Not wanting to waste them, I boiled up the leaves to make cordial and kept the smaller twigs for future use.

Bits of oak

Here are the two new knooking hooks:

Biggest and smallest knooking hooks

The little one is about 2.5 mm thick and the big one is, oh, um, I didn't measure it. Quite a lot thicker!

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