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You know those diagrams in science textbooks that show the water cycle? Water evaporates from the sea and cools as it rises over the land until it condenses into clouds. Well that's where I live - where the clouds are born. It's very beautiful here, and it's also very damp. I don't yet know what I'll be writing about here. I had a blog a few years ago called, "Growing Things and Making Things," and there will be some continuity with that, but my life has moved on since then. I'm at a stage of reflection and re-evaluation - you could call it a mid life crisis - and this blog will reflect that. There'll be posts about things I'm doing - foraging, cooking, crafts, daft experiments (which may overlap with any or all of the other three) - posts about my thoughts on life, photos of beautiful Welsh scenery, maybe some Welsh language, and probably a bit of politics. Because it's important.

52 Cultivated Plants

I have challenged myself to carry out some gardening activity on a different plant each week for a year, starting in February 2014 (similar to my foraging challenge last year).

  • Gardening activities include anything directed towards keeping the plant growing in my garden Harvesting may be included, but only from plants that have been cultivated in some other way (to distinguish this from foraging).
  • Different includes different varieties, but not different parts of the same plant
  • No restrictions on type of plant: Fruit, veg, flowers, and even weeds are all OK
  • Location is my garden, including the wilder parts and hedges.

Garden plant posts
  1.  7th Feb Roses (Rosa)
  2. 14th Feb Irish moss (Sagina subulata)
  3. 21st Feb Willow (Salix)
  4. 28th Feb Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia)
  5.  7th Mar Field beans (Vicia faba)
  6. 14th Mar Parsnips (Pastinaca sativa)
  7. 21st Mar Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)
  8. 28th Mar ()
  9.  4th Apr ()
  10. 11th Apr ()
  11. 18th Apr ()
  12. 25th Apr ()
  13.  2nd May ()
  14.  9th May ()
  15. 16th May ()
  16. 23rd May ()
  17. 30th May ()
  18.  6th Jun ()
  19. 13th Jun ()
  20. 20th Jun ()
  21. 27th Jun ()
  22.  4th Jul ()
  23. 11th Jul ()
  24. 18th Jul ()
  25. 25th Jul ()
  26.  1st Aug ()
  27.  8th Aug ()
  28. 15th Aug ()
  29. 22nd Aug ()
  30. 29th Aug ()
  31.  5th Sep ()
  32. 12th Sep ()
  33. 19th Sep ()
  34. 26th Sep ()
  35.  3rd Oct ()
  36. 10th Oct ()
  37. 17th Oct ()
  38. 24th Oct ()
  39. 31st Oct ()
  40.  7th Nov ()
  41. 14th Nov ()
  42. 21st Nov ()
  43. 28th Nov ()
  44.  5th Dec ()
  45. 12th Dec ()
  46. 19th Dec ()
  47. 26th Dec ()
  48.  2nd Jan ()
  49.  9th Jan ()
  50. 16th Jan ()
  51. 23rd Jan ()
  52. 30th Jan ()

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