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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Marmalade wine

The eagle-eyed amongst you (I'm writing this as if I have readers! Haha!) will have noticed that when I finished making marmalade I had only used two thirds of the fruit. The remaining third was still sitting in water in the wine-making bucket. Now there's an idea!

Hmm, what could I possibly do with all this fruit that happens to be sitting in the wine-making bucket?

The wines I'd tried so far both included lemons as a dominant flavour, so why not go the whole hog and try a citrus wine? Well, it would be better than leaving the fruit to go mouldy, anyway. So, I topped up the water in the bucket, added a bag of sugar (much less sugar needed for wine than jam) and a teaspoonful of yeast, and left it for a few days in the airing cupboard. That yeast really is getting old - it should start bubbling in about 24 hours, but this took three days. I must get some more - maybe I'll even get some wine yeast.

Once I could see signs of bubbles, I strained the mixture into sterilised bottles and applied the balloon airlocks. The unfermented liquid has the distinctive bittersweet tang of marmalade, so I think this is going to make an 'interesting' wine. I'll let you know...

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