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Monday, 14 February 2011

Relocated bulbs identified

They're snowdrops!

Unidentified bulbs revealing themselves to be snowdrops

I'm very excited about this, because I love snowdrops and I thought there weren't any in this garden. They're so late flowering this year (possibly not helped by being six inches too deep, then dug up, frozen, flooded and frozen again) that they're not alone in being the first sign of spring. We also have...

The fabulous purpleness of an emerging crocus


The tiny nub of pinkness that will become rhubarb

I also have new shoots in the seed trays:

Which ones are the onions, do you suppose? I'm betting on the white wormy ones, but I'm not pulling the other up yet, just in case.

In other garden news, I'm pressing on with the digging. It feels like I'm making good progress, as I've nearly finished the lower part of the garden, i.e. the raised beds. The trouble is, when I look at my plan, I realise this is slightly less than half of the garden, and I'll have to do the whole lot before I've finished. Still, it's good healthy exercise in the fresh air!

Today I dug up a Virginia creeper whose roots occupied several of the raised beds, a laburnum that was blocking the path, and two everlasting sweet peas. The latter were by far the hardest work - they made yesterday's ground elder (which had colonised two beds) seem easy.

Virginia creeper. It did have a lot more vines, but they broke off when we tried to untangle them from the fence.

I gave the creeper and the laburnum to the neighbours, who were polite enough to accept them.

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