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Monday, 14 March 2011

Hair update: Water only washing

After giving up on not washing my hair at all, I felt the first step to washing had to be water only, even though I really didn't think it would make any difference. To give it a fair chance, I spent a long time in the shower massaging warm water through my hair. It felt horrible - really sticky, especially as it was drying. BUT...

Hair washed with only water
Hair after washing with only water (three times so far)

It worked! I've now washed my hair in plain warm water three times, spending less time over it each time and washing every other day, as I used to. It got less horrible each time, as the build-up of hair serum was washed out. Now I'm really happy with it!

As an added bonus, my eternally flat, lifeless, dead-straight hair has bounce and volume, and even a bit of wave. Oh, and it doesn't tangle. I can leave it to dry without brushing, then it brushes out fine when it's dry.

One caveat is that ends seem a bit dry. I may be willing to concede at this stage that a comb is not the best tool for spreading serum along the length of the hair, especially now there's so much less of it to spread. Perhaps it would be a good idea to buy myself a natural bristle brush after all. Now my hair's nice enough to stick with the no 'poo regime, it seems worth the investment in a new brush.


  1. Wonderful to see you found something that works... It has been a long transition and my hair just wants to be washed!!! I so wish I could have self-cleaning hair that would just need an occasional rinse but am losing hope on the sebum-only try... Water only is def ok for me tho.

  2. Do you have another update on this? Are you still using this method?

    I'm interested in trying this. A while ago, I began using water-only on my face. My skin now looks better than it ever has, after 17yrs of pimples. I'd almost go so far as to say it glows.

    Makes me think that this whole idea that we "need" products to be clean and look good, was really just a clever marketing ploy.

  3. I've used water-only on my face all my life - my skin's just too sensitive for soap. I wish I could say it glows, but sadly not!

    I am still using water-only for my hair and I'm planning an update at a year after I started, so in a couple of months. I've had a bit of a problem with my hair recently that I don't think is related to the lack of shampoo, but I'd like to be sure it's better before writing again to say everything's good. I do use a natural bristle brush, and I think that's probably important.


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