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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Liebster blogs

The lovely Gingerbread Lady has presented me with an award!

"Favourite blog" award

Isn't that nice? If you've come over here from there, welcome! Do have a look around :-) Oh, you already have, or you wouldn't have made it to this post. Well... thanks!

The idea is that I now pass it on to 3-5 of my favourite blogs, who have fewer than 100 followers. I'd like to send it straight back, because I really enjoy reading Gingerbread Lady's blog, but since getting the award she now has over 100 followers, so is no longer eligible.

So I'll just have to find a few more favourite blogs - oh the hardship!

First up is Susie at Useless Beauty. I did wonder whether to include Susie, as she was on Gingerbread Lady's list and also one of the other recipients chose her, so this'll be at least the third time she receives this award. On the other hand, I really do love her blog, so sod it! Useless Beauty is in! (I don't think this means you have to choose three times as many blogs to pass it on to, though, Susie ;) She writes about sewing, crochet and knitting quite a lot, but also life in general and can be very funny.

Next is Louisa at The Really Good Life. She may have more than 100 followers - she doesn't brag about it. Anyway, I like her practical gardening blog. She writes about other things too - cooking, making things, finding cheaper and less 'manufactured' ways of doing things - all sorts of things that I'm interested in, too.

Finally (and I think I'll stop at three - I'm mathematically minded enough to see how this could spiral out of control!), another good life blog I enjoy is Red's Colour it Green, which has the added bonus of a link to her main website, which is a repository of all kinds of useful information. She may also have more followers and keep quiet about it, but I'll take a chance - I like the blog.

I love reading other people's blogs - reading about people who are taking the same journey that we are; people who have travelled a lot further along that route and can offer the benefit of their experience; and people who are far more expert than me in some aspect and offer inspiration, as well as words of encouragement and comfort, as appropriate.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the award!

    I'm not on blogspot so I don't have a followers thing so who knows how many people "follow" me ;)

    Thanks also for the links to the other blogs - good stuff! - have added them all to my feed reader :)


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