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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Next (but one) needlework project

The title of this blog's been edited a couple of times since I thought of writing it the other day. First it was simply Next project, then I realised I needed to be more specific than that, as I have several projects going on in parallel, but will try to stick to just one at a time involving yarn, thread, fabric, or other textile related materials.

So this is what I was going to do next, textile-wise:

These cameras need a bag!

Ian has bought a new camera* and rather than let him spend even more money on a decent bag, I offered to make him one. Somewhat reluctantly, I must put aside the knooking hook and turn to my neglected sewing machine.

The bag needs to take the old and new cameras, as well as one spare lens. Fitting these together, I need to add one extra small pocket if I'm to make an sensible-shaped bag, so there'll be four pockets. I have this gorgeous green fabric - I'd like to call it baize, but I'm not sure if that's what it actually is - felt, maybe? - in the cupboard, which I think will make a rather fine lining, and some sturdy denim for the outside. In between the two it will need some substantial padding, so I'm planning to sacrifice an old cushion, and perhaps a flat pillow, too, if necessary.

I did start on this project, by consulting with the client - Tell me what you want now, because otherwise I'll make it and then you'll complain that it's wrong. - and lots of measuring and laying out. I'm starting with the four lining pockets and working outwards from there. Having sketched out the first bit on the back of an envelope, I looked at the fabric and realised that there is a point to patterns (I'm not generally a fan, as you may have gathered from my baby blanket) - the scope for error is just too great without a pattern.

It was just as well I made pattern pieces - I made enough mistakes measuring those out, I dread to think what a mess I might have made of the lovely green fabric. I then pinned these to the cloth...

Pinning pattern pieces onto the lining fabric. Pebble is helpful as ever.

... and marked all the corners with tailor's tacks.

Tailor's tacks marking corners

At this point, another, more urgent, project came up. Yes, that's right, an urgent needlework project. It involves knooking, and even better, I have to make new knooking hooks - two of them! More than that, I cannot tell you at this point.

This means that the camera bag is the next but one project, as I couldn't have two projects running in parallel, could I?


*I know that doesn't sound very consistent with our low-cost lifestyle, but it's for work and, having seen the photos, I have to admit it does make a big difference to his photography.


  1. Ha! I too have an ever helpful parrot cat when I'm crafting. It's got to the point where I forget she's on my shoulder and walk around the house/garden and talk to neighbours with her up there. I get a lot of funny looks. :)

  2. I'd rather have her sitting on my shoulder than sitting on the fabric, which is usually her first choice. Funny look I can live with - shoulders are to be encouraged!


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