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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Meal planning for one

Ian's going away for three days, so I'm cooking for just me for a bit. This gives me more freedom, because I don't have to take account of his tastes, but it's also more difficult because I can't just fall back on the usual repertoire. It's not worth baking bread just for me, so I need to plan lunches, too. Therefore, I've been forced to think, and I'm writing down what I've thought so I don't forget it.

Lunch: cheese and carrot croquettes - this is Grandma's recipe, hence the poncy name (they're burgers!) It involves breadcrumbs, of which I have rather a lot at the moment. I may need some more cheese, though.
Dinner: wild green pies - that's pies with filling made from wild greens, though I quite like the other interpretation! The greens in question will be mostly nettles, but also ground elder and sorrel, and they'll be held together with some cream cheese.

Lunch: pak choi with garlic and cream - I have some pak choi in the fridge that needs eating up. I've seen a method for making cream from butter and milk, which I'm intrigued by, so this is an experiment to see if it works. Could be useful as the local shop doesn't sell cream.
Dinner: beans in onion and tomato sauce, with couscous - this'll be the last of the borlotti beans that were 'too beany' for Ian. I mustn't forget to soak them the night before.

Lunch: omelette, probably with chives, or leaves of Welsh onions, which I now have in the garden.
Dinner: pasta and pesto - the basil's too small to use at the moment, but sorrel would be nice, as would wild garlic if I can find any.

A previous incarnation of wild green pies, made as rolls because I didn't want so much pastry that time. Then I had lots of pastry left over, so I made cheese straws as well. They were very nice.


  1. My husband is going back to Scotland to visit family this summer and I am so excited for the opportunity to cook for one. No complaining if there are vegetables present! I can make entire veggie-centered meals without complaint! Fabulous. Yet after looking at your cheese straws, I think I'd prefer to come to your house and just eat your food. :)

  2. Sounds yum! Can you post your wild green pie recipe/method please?

    When my chap goes away, my meals tend to go a bit weird - strange combinations of whatever is in the cupboard/fridge. It's a good job he doesn't go away that often!

  3. CF, you have a veggie-hating husband too? Most vexatious. You're very welcome to come over for dinner, though you would have to get to the UK first ;-)

    Louisa - this meal plan doesn't strike you as weird?! Respect to your breadth of taste! I'll post the wild green pie recipe for you, too.


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