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In autumn 2010, my husband Ian and I both quit our jobs, sold our house and left the flatlands of the east for the mountains of Wales. Our goal is to create a more self-sufficient lifestyle in a place we actually like living. Whilst Ian will continue to earn some money as a freelancer, my part of the project is to reduce how much we spend by growing and making as much of what we need as possible. The purpose of this blog is to keep friends updated with how the grand project is progressing, but all are welcome here. If you're not a friend already, well perhaps you might become one.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

First harvest: new potatoes

This afternoon I decided that I can't wait any longer - I'm going to dig up new potatoes and eat them for dinner, even if they're so small that I have to dig up half a row to get enough for a meal.

I identified my victim:

I didn't choose this one just because that's where I'd left the fork, honest

I dug it up...

Yep, there are definitely potatoes in there

... and harvested several actual potatoes! After I'd forced Ian to be impressed, then washed them, I weighed them to see how much I'd got from one plant.

Eleven ounces of very white new potatoes

I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep this up, but I would like to have a record of what yield I get from all the veg in the garden. In the meantime, this is the first harvest of a crop I've planted in this garden, and I'm very excited about it! I'm also very much looking forward to eating my fresh new potatoes for dinner. Yipee!!!


  1. Ahhhh, fantastic - it is SO exciting isn't it? I've been growing potatoes for about 10 years and it's still just as awe inspiring to dig up the first crop. Hope they tasted good!

  2. They look good and tasty! Reminds me of my Dad's home grown potatoes. Mum always put mint in the water when she cooked them. Yummy! I wonder if I'll have a success when I try growing them for the first time :-)

  3. I also cook them with mint, and they were delicious! Even Ian admitted that they're 'a fair bit less disgusting than other spuds'.

  4. I laughed out loud at that glowing praise! Your garden looks fantastic. I'm feeling very inspired by your moisturiser making - you make it seem very possible, where do you get your beeswax?

  5. Hahah, great review there, Ian :)

    They do look like they'd be a lovely texture. I was thinking about harvesting some of ours soon - you've inspired me to check them out this weekend :)

  6. dichotomyof, you need a good old fashioned hardware shop for beeswax. It comes in little 4oz (OK, it's 125g these days) ingots, usually with 'BEESWAX' stamped along the top. I think it's probably easier to make moisturiser in warm weather, when it doesn't cool quite so rapidly, so give it a go ;-)

    Louisa, you are much more patient than me. I've been poking mine for weeks!


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