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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Store room catastrophe... and more mushrooms

I was next door having a nice cup of tea with the neighbours when Ian turned up, saying, We have a problem in the store room. The shelves have collapsed. I rushed home and this was the scene that greeted me:

Aftermath of shelving collapse

Actually, that's not quite true. The first thing I did was pick up the demijohns - thankfully not broken, in spite of having been on the top shelf - to see if anything could be salvaged of the contents, and ditto the air-locked bottles of blackcurrant wine. Ian also refused to let me mess around taking photos until I'd dealt with anything potentially explosive. If you look at the right hand edge of the above photo, you can just about see the escaped stopper of the one glass bottle of pink elderflower champagne. I also had two glass bottles of not-pink elderflower champagne, presumably equally pressurised. These were carefully removed and depressurised outdoors - they didn't seem all that explosive, actually.

So... these had been salvaged by the time I took a photo of the chaos.

Almost a demijohn-full of oak leaf wine, just over a pop bottle-full of blackcurrant wine, and two intact bottles of elderflower champagne

It could have been worse. I'm putting off dealing with the rest of the mess until I have somewhere to put things. We now have no shelves in the store room at all.

At the same time, elsewhere in the store room, I spotted these:

More mushrooms growing in the store room

This morning I went down and picked one, so I could take some better photos:

I've looked at a few websites, but I can't identify it. Any ideas?


  1. looks a bit like Aleuria aurantia. But that forms a cup rather than the edges rolling back... best not eat it.

  2. Cheers Lennie :-)
    [Google images] - yes, similar but definitely not the same. No, I certainly won't be eating it unless I can get a positive ID.

  3. I have never seen a fungus like that before, but it's beautiful! I love the scrolling sides.

    My favorite shelving system is cinder blocks (cynder? I can't spell) and 2x4s. Not very pretty, but sturdy as hell. Of course I didn't use that in the house. Let's hope our shelves don't fall. ug!

    So sorry this happened! Just glad it didn't fall on anyone. Oy vey.

  4. Yes, I'm eyeing up some broken scaffolding planks on what remains of next door's building site. The reason they're broken is that they were too rotten to use safely, so they may be no good, but worth checking out. Now I just need to find some cinder blocks.

    Maybe I've discovered a new species of mushroom!

  5. Probably not good eating but might make interesting fabric dye - wonder what colour you might get from it.

  6. Hmm, that's an idea I hadn't thought of. Interesting thought...

  7. Reading from New Zealand! You are officially 'global'.
    Don't know that foreign mushroom. We have 10cm of snow, not mushroom weather!

  8. Hello New Zealand! Good to see you here :-)

  9. orange peel or dung cap


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