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Monday, 15 August 2011

Buried treasure

It's been rather longer than the recommended two weeks since I cut the tops off my blighted potatoes but my dad was staying, and then it was wet, and...

Well anyway, I finally got round to digging yesterday evening. It's backbreaking work and it left me with sore and blistered hands, but this moment is pure magic, every time:

That moment when the earth breaks, revealing beautiful potatoes

I couldn't manage the whole lot in one go, but I woke fairly early this morning so I decided to get up and dig up the rest before breakfast. So it was that by 8 am, my potato patch looked like this:

Potatoes drying in the morning sun

I was constantly amazed at how numerous, and how big, the spuds were. I'll weigh them when they're dry and I've brushed most of the dirt off, and let you know (and record for myself) the total yield.

I even managed to find the sacks I bought to store them in, but Pebble has claimed these.

Thank you for putting out these nice sacks for me to sleep on!


  1. Impressive harvest! I fear I'm not very good at digging up potatoes. I always seem to skewer a few with the pitchfork, and then I miss some too... which I suppose is OK because it means volunteers the following year.

    But I saw a post somewhere... actually was it here? Anyhow, someone was planting potatoes in big grocery bags. It sounded like a fantastic idea because harvesting them would be as easy as turning the bags upside down. I may have to give that a try next year.

    BTW - Pebble is absolutely adorable... big kitty smooches!

  2. I skewered quite a few, too. I'm assuming they won't last so well, so they're not going to the store room, but staying in the kitchen for earlier use. I expect I missed quite a few, too, so they'll be growing amongst the beans and peas next year.

    Yes, it was me who posted pictures of spuds in bags - I borrowed the idea for my tomatoes to avoid paying for pots.

    Pebble knows how to do 'cute' - she does it more and more often as she learns it gets her attention. I fall for it every time, though!


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