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In autumn 2010, my husband Ian and I both quit our jobs, sold our house and left the flatlands of the east for the mountains of Wales. Our goal is to create a more self-sufficient lifestyle in a place we actually like living. Whilst Ian will continue to earn some money as a freelancer, my part of the project is to reduce how much we spend by growing and making as much of what we need as possible. The purpose of this blog is to keep friends updated with how the grand project is progressing, but all are welcome here. If you're not a friend already, well perhaps you might become one.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I slept badly last night and at some point amidst the tossing and turning I noticed that it was starting to get light. I got up and looked out of the window to see a beautiful clear dawn.

First light of dawn

Once out of bed, there didn't seem much point going back, so I got dressed, made myself a cup of tea, and went outside to watch the sunrise. I watched as the soft grey clouds turned vivid pink.

The pink faded and I stood, drinking my tea. I listened to the birds announcing the new day, sometimes just one, sometimes several. I saw a buzzard flying back and forth across the valley. I listened to the constant rush of the stream, loud enough to all but drown out the dawn chorus. I saw a bat circling, but got distracted before I saw where it went when it headed home to roost. I was taken by surprise by a baa! behind me, from a group of lambs not used to seeing a human so close at this time of the morning. I saw the trail of an aeroplane climbing from the horizon, first a dirty smudge in the sky, then a streak of pale gold as the sunlight caught it.

I saw the sunlight first on distant hills, then a while later the tops of the oak trees above me acquired a soft golden glow, then distinct shadows on the ground below, until they were fully, beautifully lit by the rising sun.

Sunlit trees, while the ground below is still in the shadow of the hills.


  1. What a view from your house. I'm envious!

  2. lovely, and all the more special when there's no-one else around so it's all yours!

  3. I am having a bad case of location envy right now.

  4. It is rather gorgeous, isn't it? This is why we moved here :-)

    The sunshine is all the more precious right now as we've had about five months of cold, wet weather. A few days ago I could see my breath... inside the house. Today I sat outside in jeans and had to change because I was too hot - we'd forgotten that was possible!

    We knew it'd be wet here, but in the last couple of weeks it was really starting to get us down. Now the sun is back and all is forgiven!


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