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Friday, 27 January 2012

A Blue Peter project

After the crisis of the soggy seeds, I felt the need for a more waterproof container than an old shoe box for my seeds. The gloop we used to cover the mould in the spare room came in a a sturdy plastic tub that would do nicely, but I don't really want Polyfiller cover-all or whatever it was written all over my seed pot.

I got myself a heap of gardening magazines (received free over the last year), a tub of PVA glue, which I always think of as primary school glue (bought for sticking down flotex flooring), scissors and a paintbrush, and spent a happy evening doing this:

Decorated tub for storing seeds

I finished it with another coat of glue, for waterproofing. That made the paper a bit wrinkly, but it's not obvious, and the finished object is still a lot prettier than it was to start with.

I nearly called this post Useless Beauty, pinching Susie's blog title, because I think this is the first project I've done which makes absolutely no difference to the functionality of what I'm working on. The tub would have worked just fine as it was (once I'd cleaned it), but it's much nicer now it's decorated. I think I have room for a little useless beauty in my life.


  1. Heh, "useless beauty", I like it :)

    I think I should do the same with my seed box - it's currently an old ice cream tub and every time I get seeds out of it, I crave ice cream. :) If I covered it with pictures of vegetables, at least I'd end up craving something healthy!

  2. Awwww, how purdy! Every year I vow to get organized, but alas, my seeds are still in a giant jumble in a box in the garage. The thing is... each year as I collect seeds, the box gets bigger and bigger...

    I had to go look up "Blue Peter" and was very amused to learn that it's a children's TV show. Here in the US, that phrase has a VERY different connotation! :~)

  3. It's great, I have an old shoe box which is certainly worse for wear after three years of use. I'm thinking it could be a good project for my girls, although I'd have to stand clear whilst the pva is being slopped about!

  4. Thanks :-)

    Cat, hahaha! I did wonder whether to explain the phrase for the benefit of international readers, but figured it would be easy enough to look up. I had no idea it had other connotations! I think I'll resist finding out what it means your side of the pond, and leave my childhood memories untainted.

  5. Hi Rachel, thanks for dropping by the herbarium, love this project all my herb seeds are in old plastic biscuit tubs and I have a stack of old herb seed catalogues... Even found 4 bottles of PVA in my work room yesterday and wondered what I was going to do with them. I feel a mid week project coming on. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Herby hugs - Debs :)


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