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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Last autumn I managed to collect quite a lot of hazelnuts, or at least hazelnut shells. The trouble is, rather a lot of those shells turn out to be empty. Here's a little test, for demonstration.

The promise of twenty delicious hazelnuts...

... delivers only four nuts, and those are rather small.

I won't give up on them, though. I'm encouraging hazel trees to grow in my garden (and they don't take much encouragement) and I'll gather as many as I can next year, too, because I love eating these nuts. It's just that at breakfast time, cracking twenty or thirty shells just so I can get enough nuts to chop onto my cereal is a teeny bit tedious.


  1. Personally I blame the squirrels! they seem to know which nuts to take and which to leave; which is why I try to forage at least twice as many as I think I`ll use and still end up with as half as many full ones as I would like.
    Try toasting the hazelnuts (after shelling!), or rolling them around in a dry frying pan on the hob for a few minutes to really intensify the flavour.

    1. Hi Sashky,
      I think you're right about the squirrels. I thought I'd done very well to find some before they did, but actually I just got their rejects! I love roasted nuts, but I like them so much raw that it doesn't usually seem worth the effort to cook them.


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