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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Insufficiently advanced meal planning

It turns out that my advance meal planning was not advanced enough.

Salad seedlings, still.

Some of these are big enough to eat, but there's definitely not enough there to provide salad for fourteen people, or even for the ten who are likely to want it. Now, can I forage enough wild leaves to make a decent salad, and would my guests be happy to eat it?


  1. Oh, what a pain.

    Unless my guests liked their salad to be of the wilted nettle variety I don't think I could forage enough to keep them happy- wild garlic, garlic mustard, dandelion and hawthorn leaves is about it around here.

    I think I'd make coleslaw- at least it would be seasonal even if it wasn't from the garden. A top tip (not at all local but extremely delicious) is to add a bit of maple syrup to the mayonnaise. I always add natural yogurt too, to make it a bit healthier and a bit more flavoursome.

  2. Hawthorn leaves - I hadn't thought of that (or indeed tried eating them). We have navelwort, which would make a good salad base (and which you put me onto, if I remember rightly), hairy bittercress, and sorrel. All fairly strong flavours, though. I find dandelion leaves too bitter, myself, so wouldn't include those. I have other plans for the wild garlic ;-)

    Maple syrup in the mayonnaise sounds nice - I had been thinking about a sweetish dressing.


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