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Friday, 17 May 2013

Foraged Food Friday: Hawthorn leaves

Fresh new leaves are bursting forth on all the trees, including hawthorn.

Hawthorn leaves, slightly blurred because it was windy.

I've tried these before and found them rather tough raw, so this time I cooked them (steamed, over pasta) and added them to cheese sauce. I've heard they go well with cheese. Hmm... they didn't really taste of anything much. Considering how small and fiddly they are to harvest, and how much else is around at this time of year, I don't think these are worth bothering with.

Also harvesting this week
Wild garlic (for pesto - delicious!)
Ground elder
Japanese knotweed* (made into chutney)

Also drinking
Blackcurrant cordial
Dandelion wine (the last bottle of last year's, saved for when this year's was in the demijohns, which it is)

Foraged food challenge summary page here.

* If you pick Japanese knotweed, you must destroy any pieces that you don't eat, otherwise they will grow into new plants. This is the most invasive plant on the planet (or something like that), and propagating it, which you could do by just dropping a piece, is a criminal offence.

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