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Friday, 26 July 2013

Foraged Food Friday: Mustard greens

I spotted a few of these growing amongst my leeks and from the distinctive flowers thought, That looks like a brassica, I wonder what it is?

Black mustard (Brassica nigra) amongst the leeks

Googling wild brassicas turns out to be a poor strategy, as there are hundreds of them, so I turned to my guide to Britain's wildlife, plants and flowers (an actual book) and specifically the section on yellow flowers, up to four petals, regular flowers. As well as being helpfully organized, this book only includes more common plants, which narrows down the search in a way that's very useful if you happen to be looking for a common plant. I spotted a couple of likely looking contenders... could it be mustard? I nibbled one of the leaves - yes, definitely mustard!

We were having burgers for dinner (check out this recipe for burger buns - they're fab!) and I cautiously added a few chopped mustard leaves to the relish. To be honest, I could have been a bit bolder. I didn't think I was that keen on mustard, but maybe I was wrong!

Now, can anyone help me identify the smaller weeds growing in this bed?

Also harvesting this week:
Green laver (to dry)
Blackcurrants (for wine)

Also eating
Blackcurrant jam (from 2011)
Crab apple and rosemary jelly
Crab apple and rowan jelly

Also drinking
Elderflower champagne

Foraged food challenge summary page here.

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