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Monday, 30 June 2014

Blackbird diets

About six weeks ago, I was delighted to spot a blackbird spending some time wiping the slime off a slug. I didn't actually see the slug being devoured, but I'm assuming that's what happened next.

The other day, I was less impressed to see a blackbird in my cherry tree. Last year, that tree only had a few cherries on it and the birds didn't bother with it. This year, it's well laden, and I've been looking forward to the fruit ripening. I draped a net over the tree, but the clever blackbird still found a way in.

I was so impressed by his boldness and intelligence that I was almost prepared to let him have the cherries. Almost.

I have tied string around the net in the hope that this will make it too difficult for the blackbird to get in. He watched me do it.


  1. I like the cherry tree idea, the birds had every cherry on our tree

    1. Thanks. The tree's only just short enough this year for me to reach over the top with the net. Next year I'm going to have to come up with something a bit more complicated. I'm thinking umbrellas and/or tent frames.


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