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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Parsnip fruit

I've kept four of last year's parsnips in the ground to produce seeds for next year. They've grown big and flowered, and mostly keep falling over when it's windy because the ground's too soft.

Parsnip plants leaning on each other, as I try to keep them upright

After the flowers and before the seeds, we have little green fruit.

Parsnip fruit

Since the seeds have an interesting flavour - sort of spicy, aniseedy - I tried one of the fruit. Wow! They're the same, but much stronger. There are plenty to spare, so I thought I might do something with some of them, but what? I considered crystallizing, as I did with the similar-tasting (and related) Alexanders, but I can't really be bothered. Instead, I went for the lazy option:

Parsnip fruit in vodka

I stripped a few heads and put the fruit in vodka. If I added sugar, I imagine this could make a pretty good liqueur, but I'm not adding it yet. Firstly, it would probably reduce the effectiveness of flavour extraction, and secondly, this might go well with lemonade, in which case sugar would be unnecessary, and possibly excessive. I can always add it at time of drinking if I want to.

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