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In autumn 2010, my husband Ian and I both quit our jobs, sold our house and left the flatlands of the east for the mountains of Wales. Our goal is to create a more self-sufficient lifestyle in a place we actually like living. Whilst Ian will continue to earn some money as a freelancer, my part of the project is to reduce how much we spend by growing and making as much of what we need as possible. The purpose of this blog is to keep friends updated with how the grand project is progressing, but all are welcome here. If you're not a friend already, well perhaps you might become one.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Signs of spring

All over the blogosphere, there are signs of spring. From snowdrops and crocuses, little white dots and fluffy cuteness, to wetter snow and daylight saving time. I guess you take what you can get if you live in Denver! Here, I have beer:

Clear signs of fermentation going on there

To be precise, I don't even have beer yet, I have fermenting wort, but it will be beer before too long. You may be wondering why this counts as a sign of spring. It's not even my first beer of the year. That may be true, but it's the first batch of heather ale of the year, made with the early flowers and new growth of the heather in my garden.

Flowering heather

I'm experimenting with a different yeast this time, so I'm not sure whether it will end up the same as last year's or not. Of course, I hope it'll be better but it might be worse - I'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the increased daylight, flowers, and occasional sunshine.


  1. Heather beer, that sounds divine.......

    1. It is! I drank a small glass of this half-brewed, and it's already good :-)


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