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Monday, 8 February 2016

End of the post a day challenge

Well, that fizzled out a bit, didn't it? I was doing fine for a couple of weeks, but even before we went away, I was getting a bit fed up with this challenge. I found myself posting things just for the sake of getting something posted before the end of the day, and not taking time to write more thoughtful posts. Blogging started to feel like a bit of a bind, so when we got home, I hadn't really got the heart to get back into the challenge.

On the plus side, it did get me back into the habit of blogging, which was the point of it. I also posted a few things that had been lurking in drafts, or in the photo file having not even got to drafts, for far too long. Now I don't have so many unwritten posts hanging over me, I feel a little less guilty about neglecting the blog. This doesn't mean I'll neglect it more - guilt has the opposite effect on me; when I feel guilty about something I tend to avoid it. How counterproductive is that? I feel guilty about not doing enough of something, so I run away and do even less of it! Is this just me?

Anyway, I'm going to stop pretending I'm writing a post a day, but I will try to write about things as and when I have something vaguely interesting to say, or a nice photo to show you. In the meantime, here are some pictures of George:

Outdoors, last summer. I'm looking forward to some outdoors weather again.

On the sofa, where he spends most of his time at the moment.


  1. I am more likely to avoid something I feel guilty about not doing- I think it builds up in my head to be a large/difficult/unpleasant task the longer I don't do it for. Often I find the tasks I have been avoiding are much less scary and time consuming than I expected. Plus I get to stop feeling guilty!

    George had magnificent ears- and his face looks like one of my old cats who was some sort of Burmese cross (we guessed).

  2. Guilty hand up! I am a life-long procrastinator and, the longer I leave it undone, the guiltier I feel and the longer it is guaranteed to be left undone!

    Good call NicolaB on George, I think. He looks like a classic Bombay Black, a breed categorised as a "Burmese type". (I have one myself.)

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone with the counterproductive guilt!

    Thanks for the cat breed ID, both of you. I think of George as a little black panther, and looking up the breed, that's exactly what the breeder was aiming for when she bred the Bombay Black (though I'm sure panthers have smaller ears!) I've always liked the vocal oriental breeds.

    1. I never knew Bombay Blacks were a breed! I've also discovered that our old cat resembled a Havana Brown (though he was quite large so probably a cross) http://kittentoob.com/cat-breeds/cat-breed-of-the-day-havana-brown/
      We rescued a group of three cats of various ages and they all had oriental breeding of some sort- Ebony the female (a black panther like George!) would 'talk' to us if we mewed at her. My current cats are much less conversational.


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