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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dydd gŵyl Dewi hapus

Happy St David's Day! (That's what the post title means, by the way.) To mark the occasion, I'm going to attempt a bit of Welsh:

Es i i dosbarth Cymraeg heddiw. Yn ystod amser cinio, aethon ni i'r caffe yn y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Clywon ni cerdd telyn a bwyton ni picer y mân

I went to Welsh class today. During lunch time, we went to the café in the National Library of Wales. We heard harp music and ate welsh cakes.

Even in that little bit, I'm sure there are mistakes. It's very frustrating having just a little bit of a language, so that you can start to say something, then get stuck for words almost immediately. I'll keep trying, though. Corrections welcome!

Image pinched from our local chocolatier.


  1. Happy St David's Day! I would love to learn Welsh but I don't have anyone to practise with here, although I have contemplated practising on the baby ;)
    We bought a bunch of daffs from the fruit n veg shop yesterday as part of our new St David's Day 'tradition'

    1. Happy St David's Day to you too! (if a little late...) Some say that babies are the idea people to practise Welsh on, as you don't have to worry about whether you get it right or not!

      How nice to have a tradition to mark the day, especially one involving daffodils.

  2. Well, I have no earthly idea what any of it meant, so it looks good to me! I've never heard of St. David's Day either - is it a Welsh holiday?

    1. The bit immediately underneath the Welsh is (probably) a translation.

      St David is the patron saint of Wales, so whilst not an official holiday, St David's Day is widely celebrated as a national festival. Such celebrations will likely involve some or all of: Harp music, poetry, choral singing, daffodils, Welsh cakes, bara brith (also cake), and cawl, which is soup containing root vegetables, leeks, lamb and cheese. Yes, lamb AND cheese, which may be in quite large chunks.

    2. Who knew? Apparently we don't have a big enough Welsh population here to know about that one - though I'm sure that as soon as someone figures out how to commercialize the thing we'll have St. David celebrations right and left (she says without a hint of cynicism...)

    3. I was about to say, "Why would you have heard of a UK patron saint's day?" but then I remembered St Patrick's day...


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