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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Crocheted dishcloth

When I finished the baby blanket, some small and devious corner of my brain set to work trying to find me another project that would allow me to pick up the knooking hook again. I know I'm supposed to be working on the camera bag at the moment, but the trouble with a project like that is that it needs the sewing machine and/or a big table to lay things out on. It doesn't lend itself well to sitting by the fire of an evening with the cat on my knee.

I've come across people talking about hand made dishcloths, which may sound crazy, but...

We currently use disposable sponge/scourers, which bothers me. A few years ago I bought some washable cloths, but then found myself using one for the dishes and another to clean the floor or whatever, and soon failed to keep track of which was which. Those cloths are now all designated for 'dirty' work, i.e. not the dishes. So there is a need for a new set of washable dishcloths. If I make my own, they'll certainly look different from the other ones, so no danger of getting them mixed up. That could be enough excuse for me to make my own...

Then whilst looking for a very long zip (tip: Measure in imperial if you want a zip. 30" are easy to find, 32" impossible. I wanted 78cm), I saw a ball of dishcloth cotton for sale.

See? Ideal for dishcloths - it's a sign!
This was after I used some - it was a full ball when I bought it.

Well, that devious part of my brain had found me an excuse to pick up the hook again, and I had the cotton. I browsed patterns at Ravelry and chose this Easy dishcloth. I've no idea how closely I followed it - I suspect the cotton I had was heavier, the hook may or may not have been thicker, and I don't know whether the plain stitch I used was the same as Sc in the pattern or not, but who cares? It's only a dishcloth!

Crocheted dishcloth.


  1. Whether you followed the pattern or not, it looks great :)

    Where did you get your cotton from?

    Dishcloths are on my to-do list too - but everywhere I've seen it for sale recently has charged a prohibitive amount for the p&p....

  2. Thanks :)

    I got it from a shop in Aberystwyth called Aberdashery, which I go into mainly because I like the name!

    I could get you some and post it for whatever it actually costs to post, if you like. It was £2.30 for the ball. It did strike me that it's very similar to ordinary parcel string, though ;)


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